Tressa Afro Gel Curl Activator

Tressa Afro Gel Curl Activator

An alcohol-free, clear gel solid that delivers hi-shine with no sticky greasy residue. It is traditional gel remixed with a sophisticated, grown-up feel. Perfect for slick, sleek looks polished to perfection, this solid gel creates styles with reflection and shine. For men and women looking for style and shine with a clean finish.

Formulated with unique blend of Glycerin and Propylene Glycol which helps maintain a good balance of moisture in the hair, Tressa Afrogel Curl Activator Styling Gel help define and smooth curls while conditioning and softening dry, damaged hair.

Adds maximum body and hold without causing build-up or flaking.

Replenishes hair's natural moisture to increase shine and hair looks healthier.

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